Feeling good daily also depends on what we eat. Do we gall food nutrients necessary? Is the food giving or taking energy? How to eat in a way that we would feel healthy and full of energy?

These and other diet-related questions will be answered by a dietician who will help you, if you want to

• lose weight or prevent its rise;
• make changes in your diet and make it healthier;
• select appropriate food supplements;
• boost your days with more power;
• relieve chronic illnesses caused by fatigue and diseases.

The goal of nutrition is to help you learn to protect your health. We won't provide treatments but will give recommendations how you can make you feel better and how you will be able to reach your desired goals. 

Before coming to a dietician we will ask you to provide some information about your expectations expectations, needs, previous medical history and lifestyles. Information provided by you is confidential and is necessary for the first meeting with the nutrition.

In the first meeting, we talk about healthy eating and nutrition. You will get an in-depth analysis and recommendations for menu changes for best health benefits. If you wish, you can get the recommended menu for one or two weeks and, if necessary, a referral for food intolerance testing.

The first meeting will last approximately 90 to 120 minutes, each followed by a 60 minute session.

Consultations are all individual.

The session will take place in
Tallinn, Toompuiestee 10, room 207, or Estonia pst.15 third floor room No. 1

You have questions or you want to offer? Call: 534 80 777 (weekdays 9-18) or write to:

The working languages ​​are Estonian, Russian, Finnish and English.

Each session supports the chronically ill, or their relatives.