Our counsellors can support you, if
  • you feel insecure, helpless, lonely
  • you are scared of the future because of your illness
  • you suffer from (illness-generated) low mood or anxiety
  • you wish to get to know your inner resources and learn to use them
  • you wish to cope better with your life
  • you wish to understand better the people close to you

We will help you to become more aware of yourself, to give a meaning to your situation, to recognize your capacities and possibilities in order to live a full life. According to your needs and mutual agreement we also make use of music and art therapy methods during the consultation. We are convinced that regaining emotional balance can also relieve pain and physical problems.

Counselling takes place in Tallinn, Toompuiestee 10, room No. 207.

Counselling lasts 60 minutes, the number of consultations depends on individual needs.

The price for a consultation is 35 euros.

If you wish to come to consultation, please contact: or call: 534 80 777 (working days 9-18)

Each session supports the chronically ill, or their relatives.