Our therapists support you when you worry about

• couple relationship problems, divorce or crisis
• complex relationships between parents and children
• work and school problems
• traumatic experiences, grieving
• severe or chronic illnesses
• psychosomatic diseases
• sexuality and sexual problems
• same-sex relationships
• relationships between generations

Couples or family therapy is necessary when problems between family members are affecting, or have already affected your family and family relationships. Therapy is useful in all cases when the objective is to find support. Family is everyone included in it: parents, their children and grandparents. Therefore, one person's problems touch everyone close to that person suffering.

Therapy goal is to find the appropriate mode of communication and a way of function that would benefit all its members and increase their welfare. Strong relationships between family members brings happiness to the entire family. We all have the possibility to do minor changes in our lives, to achieve balance and bring back joy to the lives of our loved ones and ourselves.

The session will take place in
Tallinn, Toompuiestee 10, room 207, or Estonia pst.15 third floor room No. 1

You have questions or you want to offer? Call: 534 80 777 (weekdays 9-18) or write to:

The working languages ​​are Estonian, Russian, Finnish and English.

Each session supports the chronically ill, or their relatives.