It is said that a chain is as strong as its weakest link. This also applies to teams who operate for a common goal.
The chain, however, occasionally needs to be lubricated, and so does the team unity, team spirit and motivation. We offer companies a variety of internal training courses in order to improve teamwork and other topics.

Training packages are put together based on the size and the needs of the team. In addition, the training will help equip your company events, providing the team the opportunity to jointly take a time out to playfully find joy inside through creative activities creative activities. This way can the team gather new energy and motivation to be more professional and deliver more effectively. You can also be inspired and find innovative ideas to promote your business.

Joint activities will help:

• get your team out of the routine
• develope creativity, spontaneity
• refresh the spirit of teamwork
• get new energy
• refresh the team
• etc.

for example, short periods 2-3 hours, full days (8 hours)

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Each training supports the chronically ill, or their relatives.