We offer you the possibility for the team to collectively take time out of the routine to playfully find new joy during creative activities.
We can offer a way to learn to know each other in a new environment, with a fresh pair of eyes.
Here you can find new energy and motivation for the team to deliver more effectively.
Here you can find inspiration and innovative ideas to promote your business.


• Getting out of the routine
• Creativity, spontaneity, personal development
• Improved self-expression
• Fresh spirit of cooperation
• New energy
• Playfully energize teamwork
• Happier and better balanced co-workers

Where we can be helpful:

• Meetings
• Summer Days
• Schooling
• Customer Events
• Jm.

for example, 2-3 hours, or days at the end of a full day (8 hours)

Sample events:

1) Balancing energy day (core team)
Express yourself with help of music, artistic expressions and movements to learn to know your team in a new way. This helps to develop creativity and get new energy. You'll also get to know your personal energies and how to use them in everyday life.

2) Relaxing balance day (individual key)
It is, above all, to prevent burnout as you learn to ease tension, gather strength and start practicing the techniques on how to self-manage high-stress  situations. Most of this will help to improve communication skills and the ability to concentrate.

Positive emotional charge is guaranteed!

The price is determined by: the group size, place and other things like: coffee breaks, materials, can transport cost.
Approximately: up to  a 10 people group, one participant fee is 25 euros / hour.
The number of groups is not limited (For example for 50 participants we can create 4 groups).

Have questions or want to offer?
Call: 534 80 777 or write to:

Each event supports the chronically ill, or their relatives.