Our therapists are there for you and your child to support you with the following problems

• complex relationships between parents and children
• kindergarten and school problems
• traumatic experience, parents divorce, violence or grief
• severe or chronic illness 
• psychosomatic diseases

Family therapy is necessary when the negative relationship between children or adults is affecting or has already affected the children or the entire family. Also, when the family or the children have been affected by a serious event. Family therapy is useful in all cases when the objective is to find support for coping with difficult life events.

Therapy goal is to find the child and the family members of all the circumstances of action suitable to support continuation of the daily life of the whole family. Therapy helps to balance relationships within a family, so that the children can continue their age-appropriate activities, and the parents can a support them in the best way possible.

One session lasts
60 or 90 minutes, the number of sessions depends on the client's needs.

Charge per session: up to 60 minutes 50 euro; 60-90 minutes is 70eurot

The session will take place in
Tallinn, Toompuiestee 10, room 207, or Estonia pst.15 third floor room No. 1

You have questions or you want to offer? Call: 534 80 777 (weekdays 9-18) or write to:

The working languages ​​are Estonian, Russian, Finnish and English.

Each session supports the chronically ill, or their relatives.