Creative therapies are a kind of psychotherapy where in a clearly defined client-therapist relationship creative and art media are applied for attaining the aims based on the health situation of the client. In creative therapies various nonverbal means are used to offer the client a safe opportunity for recognizing and solving their problems, for expressing their emotions, for finding and applying their individual inner resources. All creative therapy activities are adjusted according to the client´s needs, abilities and skills. These activities are feasible for everyone – no previous musical or artistic skills or knowledge is necessary.

Creative therapies are resource-oriented and based on salutogenetic approach. The aim of these therapies is extensive activation of inner resources and furthering of client´s self-regulation on mental, emotional, physical and social level. Creative therapies support independence and individual development processes. In creative therapies the central point is the connection of the creative therapy experience to everyday life.

The aim of the creative therapy services we offer to our clients is not the healing of diseases but through the creative therapy processes we contribute to self-empowerment and to releasing and effect of healing potentials. More stable emotional and mental state has positive influence also to physical and social wellbeing. Creative therapies can thus be an effective complement to medical treatment.

We offer creative therapy services: music therapy, art therapy, dance and movement therapy

The session will take place in Tallinn, Toompuiestee 10, room 207, or Estonia pst.15 third floor room No. 1

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The working languages ​​are Estonian, Russian, Finnish and English.

Each supervision or coaching session supports the chronically ill, or their relatives.