NPO Minu Tasakaal (My Balance)
01.04. 2015 – 01.01. 2016
Project: Increasing capacity through developing and communicating psychosocial services for Russian speakers in Estonia

Project is supported by the NGO Fund of EEA Grants, which is operated by Open Estonia Foundation.
The goal of the project is to increase the capacity of NPO Minu Tasakaal through developing and communicating psychosocial services for Russian speakers in Estonia. Focus is on russian-speakers, who have chronic diseases (and/or their closed ones/relatives) and live in Tallinn and Harjumaa. The services (counselling, psychotherapies, workshops) and the information about the services will be available for everybody, who might need psychological support.

NPO’s goal is to help people with chronic diseases and their relatives to become psychologically stronger, so they can better cope with the disease. This project helps us to develop suitable services for the target group and to make the premises for effective and active communication.

During the project period we:
1. Get the better picture about the target group and develop services according to its needs.
2. Broaden our team with the members, who know the target group and increase their knowledge.
3. Develop communication materials, communication plan and build up a communication network.
4. Start a pilot project among the target group.

Additional information: project manager Helen Kiis,, 53 480 777

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Personal psychological services for russian-speakers in Esonia

Beginning from 2016 NGO My Balance is ready to offer the services also to russian-speakers in Estonia. Our main services are psychological councelling, different art therapy groups and courses of mental health.

It is normal, when people with chronical diseases, but also in a difficult life situation, feel alone, frustrated or fear for the future. Mood is down, energy level is low and the life quality suffers.
When that happens, it is the absolutely last time to come to us. Even before, already right after getting diagnosis. We are ready to help people to get to know themselves better, to get the better understanding of their current situation, their abilities, strenghts and possibilities to live the fullest life as possible.

Our main focus is on people with chronic diseases, as well as their close ones, in Tallinn and Harjumaa. Surely, our services and information are available to all people, who´s everyday well-being, work efficiency, etc requires psychological support.

Information about our services is found in three languages, Estonian, Russian and English from and at the beginning of 2016 also wider communication is planned.

The services for the Russian-speakers, as well as information materials, service providers, communication plan, etc was developed with the financial support from NGO Fund (through Open Estonia Foundation).

Through 9month period in 2015 we:
1. charted the situation in the field of psychological help in Estonia, especially in Tallinn and Harjumaa;
2. developed and opened web-page.
3. gathered together and translated the materials necessary to serve the customers (also supporting materials for the service providers)
4. translated, edited, designed and printed the main introductory materials for the customers.
5. widened the list of the main service providers, who can work with the customers (psychological support, group therapies, courses, etc) and offered them different courses about chronic diseases. It helped to increase their proficiency and better understand the lives of people with chronic diseases.
6. made plans for the future - how to better reach the target group, with what messages, channels, etc.

We in our NGO believe, that a person is complete, when he/she feels good both physically and mentally. We also believe, that this completeness depends on the balance between physical and mental health. We incourage people to look and find that balance and offer our help when needed - through different possibilities.

For us it is also important to do the preventive work and incourage people to take care of their mental health on a daily basis.

For further information, please contact:
NGO My Balance (MTÜ Minu Tasakaal), 53 480 777